Little Starfish Child Care and Preschool

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Little Starfish Child Care And Preschool

"For this one it makes all the difference in the world."


An old man walked along the beach throwing starfish which had been stranded by the outgoing tide, back into the ocean. There were hundreds of them to return to the water and obviously he couldn't begin to accomplish the task. A cynical person came along and asked in a most arrogant manner: "What possible difference do you think you can make for all those starfish?"

The old man stooped down, picked up another and tossed it into the water. He replied in a confident tone, "For this one, it makes all the difference in the world."

~From Loren Eiseley's 'Starthrower'

At Little Starfish Child Care & Preschool, we are dedicated to the nurturing of children, one child at a time. Our goal is to provide a safe and loving, enriched home-environment where children thrive and grow and have fun. We believe that each child is unique and we honor that uniqueness by focusing on the individual developmental needs of each child. We use a broad range of Early Childhood Development models such as Play as Learning, Waldorf methods, Montessori, and Positive Self Esteem. 

With love and care, we encourage each child to grow at his or her own pace. We value the whole child and do our best to meet the physical, emotional and social, and cognitive needs of each child in a loving and educated manner. 

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